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Ellen P, Room 2448
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Ellen P     55 years

Last visit: 08.01.2014 05:24
Virgo Virgo
Gender: female
Lives in: PERTH, Australia
Born in: Syktyvkar , Russian Federation
Languages: English, Русский
Marital status: Not married
Children: Yes, live with me
Height: 160 cm
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Green
Sexual orientation: Straight
Lives in: Own Home
Education: University
Search target: People with same interest and hobbies
I am happy in my own skin, comfortable and gainfully employed and have great family and friends. I have achieved a lot but admit to having made poor choices in the past, which I have learnt from and left behind. Feeling good about the potential to love again without any past regrets and to form a meaningful relationship, so please, if you are only interested in dirty talk and one night stands, don't contact me. I enjoy swimming and keeping fit. I enjoy dinning out, catching up for coffee or drink or going to theatre or ballet. I am social but not the life of the party. I am a positive person who very much enjoys the company of uplifting people who have the tendency to make life an adventure and fun, but I can also be serious and can give some good advice when necessary. I love to travel and get away when work permits, at list couple times a year. I hope travelling will remain a big part of my life in the future and hope one day to find someone to join me and share the experience and adventure. I am East European origins, living in AU for long time, university educated, independent, capable, easy going, intuitive, analytical, fun loving and adventurous.

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